The Missing Link

Unidata CommunityLink Open Data Ecology

An Open Data Ecology (ODE) model that organises, funds, integrates and provides the pathway for Regional, Industry, Nations, Citizen, Technology, R & D, Charitable and Government stakeholders to come together to support our transition to a smart and locally based sustainable society.

A investment model that separates commercial risk from the enabling system governance & infrastructure which leverages off the integration of three existing open source software applications with over $25ml already invested by the UK government and private investors. A business case that delivers to an existing client specification to create a projected $5bl per annum efficiency dividend for communities & annuity revenues streams for Foundation Investors.

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A Breakthrough Open Data Model

Data is the blood that runs through the system and connects us all. Data is fundamental for intelligent local & global decision making and governance. However no structures, standards exist for the ownership, interconnection & administration of data at any level. This is the missing link in our post internet transition to a true interconnected global society proactively addressing identified interlinked global & local risks to create locally based value creation that is sustainable.

CommunityLink is a breakthrough Open Data Ecology (ODE) model that provides true data ownership to address global & local systemic issues via a Design Model for Global Cooperation established and deployed by a representative user established Unidroit style (global legal unification) “Unidata CommunityLink Foundation” (UCL). Leveraging a uniquely engineered decentralised autonomous network the UCL Model provides a structured approach to build a truly connected open data ecology with governance which enables safe inter community data sharing to secure cooperation & efficiency benefits not currently possible.

The global focus, investment and push to IOT connectivity for inter-regional and inter-industry data exchange and automation is huge and unstoppable with the promise of trillions is cost savings and efficiencies! This is a natural business case and application starting point as stakeholders are seeking an “open data ecology” solution to secure this promise.

In essence the Project UCL model enables existing players to partner and build the new open data collaboration at the centre of the old without disturbing their existing operating vehicle thus minimising risk, institutional resistance, benefiting their members interests whilst maximising profit through system efficiencies, a true win win win upside.

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The Investment Case - Maximise profits through system efficiencies

The Investment case to support the AU Smart City Phase 1 business case is built around a collective investment vehicle and elegantly simple but sophisticated Portfolio Asset Management approach which separates commercial risk from the enabling system governance infrastructure. Called the Social Capital Investment Trust (SCIT) it meets the entity requirement in the recently released Australian Government, PM’s Department, Smart City grant guidelines.

The Social Capital Investment Trust methodology was designed to solve the problem of “how do we raise money to secure the necessary IP and funds to enable the establishment of Unidata CommunityLink as an open data ecology and decentralised autonomous network that cannot be privately owned or controlled”.

It creates an internal system “bank of funds” to fund transition from the old disconnected system to the new inter-operable system. We call this transition Data Transvestment. The Smart city Phase 1 case systems reengineering start point is a practical example. So a win win win for the community as a whole along with partners, investors and IP providers.

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Request for UCL Co-Development proposals

The UCL open data ecology approach provides a Design Model for Global Cooperation which represents the community as a whole including consumers, regions, SME’s, industry, education, technology, charitable and government interests (8 tribes of open intelligence). Within the UCL Development roadmap and project plan each tribe is represented as Project Workstream Challenge.

Each Access workstream has an outline project descriptive of their functions, areas of responsibility, extent of their decision-making mandate which can be customised to their requirement.

Each Workstream challenge has been allocated an initial capital allocation from the Social Capital Investment Trust collective investment vehicle capital raising to establish their representative partnership within the global partnership cooperation, establish the Unidata global governance capability and secure a systemic revenue stream to enable them to support their stakeholders interests in perpetuity.

Our approach will be to request UCL Co development proposals from representative stakeholders to customise, secure and drive their workstream challenge and phase 1 capital & systemic revenue allocation to support their agenda in context of the UCL ODE global cooperation.