What is CommunityLink

“CommunityLink (CL) is a breakthrough Open Data Ecology (ODE) model to interlink proprietary data systems for the common good.

Project CommunityLink aims to provide communities and industries a structured approach to enable members to establish trusted commercially neutral ODE hubs which connect proprietal data within and through the open data ecology network with user established governance.

The IOT revolution need is for an open data smart city and industry model which decouples content from the application itself enabling closed loop automation within a decentralised autonomous network and which provides an efficient low cost infrastructure which addresses localised data ownership, sharing, value exchange, security, risk and liability requirements, is the strategic & systemic starting point to establish an global open data ecology.

CL will provide true data ownership to enables inter community data sharing to secure cooperation & efficiency benefits not currently possible and address global & local systemic issues as part of the UCL design model for global cooperation.