What does CommunityLink do/offer?

CommunityLink (derived from "Community Access Interlink") is a proposed set of conventions and tools for communities or industry to build ODE hub enabled decentralised closed loop automation product solutions across multiple stakeholders creating mutual asset pools (CODEMAPS). Based on

Solid (social linked data) Linked Data principles CL uses a smart product matrix to define the “dynamic interrelationships” of members based on mutual reciprocity and represent this as an algorithm. Collective wealth & profits maximised through system efficiencies are shared equitably across all members and the community as a whole to create social capital and support a regenerative economy.

At a glance, here is what CL offers

Governance, Licensing

The CL (Hypercat style ) consortium partners create the Foundation mutual asset pool (MAP) and Foundation (UCLF) for ODE governance and licensing as described here.

Smart Product Matrix

A smart product matrix enables the definition of the “dynamic interrelationships” between a decentralised autonomous network product outcome to define partner contribution and create a Mutual Asset Pool to share “integration” profits equitably

Common GitHub

Establishment of a Project CL github repository enables us to secure the core licenses to coordinate and build the new integrated assets for the IOT business case