Smart City Showcase Design

There is an immediate practical market need for an Open data methodology which interlinks proprietal data for the common good.

Australian Councils are seeking a smart city solution which incorporates a Regional Management platform which separates data from the applications to enable them to access multiple IOT providers across 14 generic categories without vendor lock in, within a decentralised autonomous open data network which supports inter regional and industry data exchange.

This smart city framework is projected to create an “efficiency dividend of $100ml p.a. after 10 years in one Council (a larger one). Multiply this by 500 Council across Australia and more in the UK for example and it becomes very significant.

Project CL ODE model utilises the UCL Phase 1 Council IOT testnet “smart product matrix” to

  1. enable ICT partners to define
    • their library contribution relevant to Industry & Regional Access hubs which provide the commercial neutral “open data ecology” interlink to dynamically connect multiple IOT suppliers and multiple Council proprietary data systems through the UCL system.
    • how they interact (contractually) within the Council prototype testnet
  2. enable operational partners to define their contribution to the closed loop product and calculate an ROI
  3. calculate the UCL Mutual asset pool algorithm around a business case with a potential $5bbl per annum efficiencies dividend and projected $2.5bl network turn over with profits being returned to the community and margin to the UCL Foundation for system governance and ongoing development
  4. Establish our smart city IOT testnet solution with a pilot Council for national roll out
  5. Present a national smart city strategy & business case to key stakeholders

Redland City Smart City Proposal

The purpose of this proposal is to introduce the Redland City smart city opportunity to build a city wide digital services solution as part of a national CommunityLink IOT Lighthouse project to bring an consortium of local and international co-creation partners around the Redland proposal to secure their pre agreed role, capital & revenue allocation and define their cash or in kind contribution to support the PM’s Department smart city grant application and matching $5ml investment case.